Eşref Tekinalp & Vanessa Gauch Maestro

They are an explosive mixture of creativity and fantastic technique, that will make you go crazy!
Vanessa has a broad dance education – she started her ballet lessons in France, 1986. Then there was ballroom dancing, jazz, contemporary dance, and finally… tango. Eşref is the winner of the most prestigious Turkish award, 1st place in the 2010 ‘Turkey Championship of TDSF’ (Turkish Dance and Sport Federation).
Together, they are incredibly original in sequences and, at the same time, very classic in movement. They own one of the largest tango schools in Istanbul. Their life is about traveling and giving workshops all over the world; in Buenos Aires, Paris, Moskow, Amsterdam, Beirut, New York, Washington DC, Syracusa, Bucharest, Kassel,London Turkey and finally this year… in İstanbul, during Odesa Istanbul Tango Marathon between 15-19 February 2024!