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First of all, it is a dance tango based on rhythm (sound, movement) and touch (hugging, embracing). “It is a dance tango in which we embrace both our partner, with whom we dance so close that we can feel their heartbeat without even knowing their name, and the music whose rhythm and melody touch something in our hearts.” Tango is a unique communication in dance where all kinds of emotions meet in music and words end. Tango: As poets often try to express, it is a direct expression of the belief that a fight can turn into a celebration. “Tango is the art of understanding and knowing oneself and the other person without the need for words. Tango is an event that cannot be fully defined or described, but is actually known within us, and is shaped and changes according to the person.” Murat Tandoğan, who set out with this principle and was introduced to tango in 2011, held his first tango festival as Odesa Istanbul Tango in 2017 in Odesa, Ukraine. He was accompanied by Kateryna Tesla, who always supported him. Two events were held in this city 7 times a year: a marathon in February and a festival in June. After the war between the countries following the February 2022 incident, it was decided to return to Istanbul and continue the events in Istanbul.

Dear Tango friends,
We warmly invite you to spend
this wonderful Winter Marathon from the 13-17 February 2025 in Pendik/ ISTANBUL,

Odessa❋Istanbul Winter Tango Marathon.
Amazing venues and maximum 250 people limited, tangueros and tangueras from Turkey,Ukraine,Italy,Lebanon,Germany,Cyprus,Russia,Moldova,Romania,Bulgaria,Poland,America,
French,Litvania,Estonia,Sweden,Norway and some from city of Europa and World.
More than 40 hours of dance 🙂

Sponsor: Luvi Diamond   

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