Before registering please note the following:

Filling in the registration form please provide your correct e-mail address to send you all further information.
You will receive an automatic reply confirming that your registration was received by the Organizers. It is NOT the final confirmation of your participation in the marathon.
Within 2 days from the registration date, you will get the confirmation letter with the payment details or we will inform you if your name is in the Waiting List (it can happen because of the gender balance between the leaders and the followers, or if you don’t pay on time (within 10 days).
If you find your name in the waiting list don’t be upset, if we have vacancy we will inform you at once.
The e-mail message will include a bank account number, to which within 10 days you must transfer money not to lose your place at the marathon. The Participants who registered as a couple may pay together in a single transfer. In this case please include the names of both participants in the payment
If you fail to make the payment within the time limit (10 days), you will be moved to the Waiting List.
You will receive the final confirmation of your participation at the marathon after your payment. If you registered the couple, you will get the final confirmation after the payment from both of participants.
All bank charges for making the payment are covered by the marathon participants.
You can NOT give your pass for the marathon to another person without the approve of the organizers.
The participation fee is non- refunded of refusal from the taking part in the marathon
If you have any questions, please contact us


Attention! When registering in a double room, indicate the name and surname of your roommate. (this can be done in the partner's name line). Your partner must also register
Dikkat! Çift kişilik odaya kayıt olurken oda arkadaşınızın adını ve soyadını belirtiniz. (bu, ortağın isim satırında yapılabilir). Eşinizin de kaydolması gerekir.


Lütfen kayıt tuşuna bastıktan sonra hata vermediğinden emin olunuz,2 kere seçmeniz gerekebilir./Please make sure that there is no error after pressing the record button,You may need to select 2 times/Пожалуйста, убедитесь, что после нажатия кнопки "Регистрация" не выдало ошибку. Если это произошло нажмите два раза. Спасибо

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