Irfan Donmez
(Antalya, Turkey)


Specialist in General Surgery since 1983 and still practicing in a Teaching and Research Hospital in Antalya/Turkey. I have been involved in Tango (dancing, music, rituals & traditions, history) for 8 years and Dj-ing for 5 years. I speak English, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish. My main hobbies are poetry, photography, viniculture, and I am a chorister in classical Turkish music . As a TDJ, I try to keep a high level of energy and emotion on the dance floor. I play a wide selection of the Golden Era tangos. My favourite orchestras are: D’Arienzo, Donato,Di Sarli, Calo, Biaggi, Troilo. . I always observe the dancers, trying to figure out what they like dancing to most, and I do my best to meet their expectations. I invite you to have great fun, see you all on the dance floor!