IrIna Mhyhaylyuk

Irina Mhyhaylyuk
(Kiev, Ukraina)


Who is Irina ?
She has been dancing since her childhood!)
“My grannies, Galina Konstantinovna and Albert Ivanovich, for 25 years had been working in military ensemble. My grandfather acted as a compare and was singing, while grandmother was a professional dancer and pedagogue. She cultivated love of dance and special attitude to it from the very beginning. Therefore, my first steps in choreography were made with her. When I was five years old, I have continued my dancing career in the field of ballroom dance, which had lasted for 8 years. Together with the university studies of chemistry and pharmacy I have got some time for new researches in the world of dance. Thus, back in February 2007 I have come to my first tango class and fell into a mutual  love with it. Since that time my interest is always getting bigger and love stronger.”

Irina is a famous tangera, teacher, TDJ, founder of the Argentine tango school TOCA TANGO, founded in 2008.

Since 2008 she is a TDj. She has success on the regular and festival milongas in Odessa, Lviv, Kyiv, Dnepr, Mariupol (Ukraine), Istanbul (Turkish), Bilbao (Spain).
“My way of DJing is created from three sources: a dancer, a teacher, an active observer.
Music, like the movement, is not about process of thinking, it is lived and felt by every cell of the body.
Combining knowledge of the history of music of the argentine tango and modern trends, I manage to create opportunities for dancers to freely express themselves and enjoy the milonga.

I was born in Odessa (the southern and the most fun city of Ukraine on the Black Sea coast), I have a sunny temperament and an excellent sense of humor.
Which allows me to live with pleasure: to dance, to teach, to organize, to DJing …

It’s fun with me! :)”

” In 2017 my perception of tango and movement comprehension have been enlarged thankfully to the classes with famous dance researchers , I have opened for myself the world of Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals.
I was lucky enough to explore the interaction of a dancer and music in tandem with a modern American composer and pianist Richard Cameron-Wolfe.
One of the last of the bright impressions from the summer of 2017 was an experience gained after the lessons with champions Mundial Tango 2017 – Magdalena Gutierrez & German Balejo.
I am happy to share with you how to use your body in dance, quintessence, which I have distinguished from choreography lessons, interaction with maestros of Argentinian tango, and prominent teachers of contact improvisation and yoga: Alejandra Mantinan, Filippo Avignonesi, Nito & Elba Garcia, Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez, Graciela Gonzales, Nita Little, Charlie Morrissey, Frey Faust, Rohini Shakti and others.
I am inspired by the history of Argentinian tango. The perception of a dance cannot be complete without it. I will tell you some interesting facts during our lessons and hope that you will become inspired as well as I am!”
Students of Irina are getting to know both a profound basis for a start as well as good promotion in the tango world, feeling yourself confidant on different milongas and festivals in Ukraine and abroad.
With the aim of development TOCA TANGO school, Irina – author (2009 -2011) and inspirator (till 2013) of an international festival of Argentinian tango in Odessa “TANGO D’AMORE”, since the foundation of the school has also organized a series of events related to tango promotion.
Since 2009 she is a founder and curator for regular (2 times per year) of Tango Laboratories with Filippo Avignonesi.
Since 2012 – organizer of art meetings “Tango Kaleidoscope”.
Since 2014 – she has launched the first night of milonga in Odessa and the coordinated concert performances of maestros, author of art evenings to Argentinian tango.
In January 2018 she has launched an author corse “Argentinian tango, as an art of communication”.