Fıodor Macarı

Fiodor Macari
(Chisinau, Moldova)

I’m from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. I love Tango! Moreover, I love to be a DJ! Now it’s my passion and hobby.
Four years ago I DJ-ed the first time. The first my milonga was during a one-day small, but international tango event. I thought it was so cool. However, it was a complete disaster. 🙂 It took time to polish my talent. 🙂  I played local milonga in Moldova,Chesinau festival at Noches de Buenos Aires
I like and put the music the majority of TDJs put. My goal is to create a special atmosphere. Each milonga should be special, different, unique, and never-to-be-forgotten. Each milonga should has moments of Drama, Joy, Desires, Temptation, Memories… Each milonga is like a play where “all the men and women merely players”. What is more, W. Shakespeare adds “And one man in his time plays many parts”. Don’t you agree?