Crıstıan Dumıtru

Evguenia Roubtsova
 ( Moscov, Russia)


Evguenia started DJing two years ago, but this short time was sufficient for her to receive high acclaim in the tango community. Her impressive collection of tango music contains many hard-to-find pieces, which she gladly shares with the dancers. Evguenia’s music always tells a story: it could be romantic and elegant, rhythmic and even nervous, funny, or nostalgic. She enjoys seeing how the energy on the dance floor builds up as the intensity of her music increases. Her spirit and love for tango are contagious. While DJ-ing, you will often see Evguenia singing along with her favorite orchestras: Di Sarli, D’Arienzo and Pugliese. Are you ready to come and dance? Evguenia’s music is certain to keep you on the floor all night!