Darek Tybınkowskı

Katerina Yegorenkova
 ( Kharkiv, Ukraine)


DJ Katerina Yegorenkova
“It’s not just about love – I adore tango!! I love dancing tango, listening to it, singing tango songs and playing tango-music at milongas. The most important thing for me is people who came to a milonga. I want tangueros to be happy during the dance night so I follow deliberately the mood of the dance-floor, I listen to its “breathing” and play tandas “here and now” with no set-up playlists. From my point of view, a milonga is an integral piece of music, built according to all the rules of theatrical and dramatic art: plot, plot development, culmination, denouement, epilogue… Delicate, strong, passionate, traditional and original at the same time, there are not enough adjectives to describe my style. Nothing can give me more pleasure than a floor full of people having a good time from the first to the last tanda. For my DJ-sets I choose both traditional music of the Golden Age and modern tango orquestras. And to find the balance – that’s the main idea!”