Burak Ozcelık & Ozge Colak

Burak Ozçelik
 ( Izmir, Turkey)


Burak Özcelik dance tango for 9 years. He is tango DJ, performer, teacher, social dancer, studio owner. His TDJ expirement is for 6 years. He has played tango music almost every city of turkey and he was with us odessaistanbul tango weekend. He prefers Golden Age many times. He likes Juan D’arienzo Orquesta. His still of playing is romantic and rhythmic music. Here is some organisation that He has invited.
Tangoist Cunda Camp
İzmir Tango Maraton
Bursa Tango Maraton
Milonga Arşipel
Milonga Casa de Lunes
Milonga Sueno

Odessa Istanbul Tango

Ozge Colak


Born in 1990 in Istanbul, Özge Çolak started her tango career in 2009 at the Boğaziçi University dance club. After taking part in various show teams and teaching at the university, she continued her studies with Ali Alper Özdemir within the TangoNOA dance school. Adopting the classical tango salon style, he took lessons from Argentinian maestros and turned to assistant and then to instructor. Dancer, who has been training with Tan Alper Özdemir in TangoNOA since 2015, won the second place with Burak Özçelik in the Mundial de Baile World Championship qualifiers held in Istanbul in 2017 and 2018 last year.