Sabri Güleç first started tango in 2008 and later in 2010 became fascinated with tango music and found himself in the endless world of these beautiful melodies and those who introduced him to these songs. Thus began his journey to become a tango DJ. He started playing regularly in local milongas in Istanbul. However, Marseille (France), Malmö (Sweden), Warsaw (Poland), Lesvos (Greece), Prague (Czech), Florence and Naples (Italy), Varna and Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Dubai (UAE) and Beirut (Lebanon) He had the chance to DJ and gain international experience in He also experienced the happiness of sharing his tandas in world-famous festivals and marathons held in various cities of Turkey. With his never-ending research and archival work in tango music, he gets more and more motivated every day. He is a big fan of the golden age, but believes that the last word always belongs to the dancers on the floor.