Adnan Demırel

Adnan Demirel
(Istanbul, Turkey)


I’ve graduated in comunication faculty of one of a famous Turkish university. I live in Istanbul.
Before I started dancing tango in 2009, I was interested in Latin dance for five years. My tango life started in one of the biggest tango school, which is Tango Encuentro. I’ve taken many lessons not only from local maestros in local schools, but also from foreign famous maestros.
Last for 4 years, I’ve been working as a tango assistant teacher and even as a organizator, in Tangog School. Upon this period I also began to take a place as a dj in milonga nights of many different organizations, especially in İstanbul , Antalya and other different cities in Turkey.
My phylosphy as a Dj is that ; Dj should be place for the dancers in milonga nights and should play music with a approach that focuses on the happiness of that people who come for dancing tango.
Not only dancing Tango and Latin and being a Dj, I have many other hobbies such as scuba diving, ski, Aikido, Muay Thai.